Software: Keycool MIXABL software

Dual Mode-Cable+Bluetooth 4.0
​Case-CNC Case
Button Number- 84
Back Light- 16.8 million RGB
Compatibility- Windows 2000/XP/Win7/8/10, Mac etc
Connection- Type-C USB detachable, plug and play
Working Voltage- 5V ≤ 500mA

FN Combination Keys
FN+Esc= Constant light on mode
FN+F1= My computer
FN+F2= Web page
FN+F3= Calculator
FN+F4= Media Player
FN+F5= Previous Track
FN+F6= Next Track
FN+F7= Pause/Play
FN+F8= Stop
FN+F9= Mute
FN+F10= Vol –
FN+F11= Vol+
FN+F12= Keyboard lock
FN+Pause= Preset light effects selection
FN+Home= Back light color selection
FN+↑= Brightness +
FN+↓ =Brightness –
FN+←= Light speed +
FN+→= Light speed –
FN+Space= Light Effect Pause
FN+Win= Win Lock
FN+Esc+Del+Right Arrow Key=Reset the keyboard to default setting
FN+A=Change side RGB Led single colour effect mode
FN+S=Change side RGB Led RGB effect Mode

Pls pay attention:

1\Mixabl 84 is just a kit, not including keycap or switch.

2\when you connect Mixabl 84 to your device first time, pls open battery button on the bottom of the keyboard, then press fn+1 for 3 sec to enter pairing mode, then you can connect it with your mobile device, next time when you re-connect it, you just need press fn+1 to connect with your device.

3\In the same way, you can press FN+2 and FN+3 to connect it with max 3 different device(Fn+1\Fn+2\Fn+3), then you can press FN+1\2\3 to change between different devices. (If you want to delete the previous device, just need press FN+1\2\3 for 3 sec to delete the previous device and make it enter pairing mode again)

4\If you want to connect with Device 3, pls remember close device 1 and device 2, otherwise it cant be connected with device 3 successfully.

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